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Hempura is a leading online shop for CBD Oils & CBD products in the UK and EU. We offer pure, potent and highly effective CBD obtained from sustainably grown hemp free of additives, chemicals or GMOs. Containing only trace amounts of THC (<0.01%), our vegan CBD oils allow you to experience the healing properties of nature without the feeling of intoxication. Hempura products have all been tested to meet the highest standards of quality and purity. Order Today and get your CBD delivered fast anywhere in the UK or EU.

UK Pure CBD Extracts - Rich in Omega 3 & Omega 6

Hempura full-spectrum CBD products are naturally rich in both Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids at optimal ratios. Omega 3 is not synthesized by our bodies but is important for brain function, cellular health and maintenance of the endocannabinoid system. In addition, our advanced ethanol extraction method ensures that all naturally occurring terpenes, flavonoids, cannabinoids, nutrients and minerals are preserved to create first-class CBD products. No artificial additives are used. Our entire product range is continuously tested for compliance with strict industry standards.

How do I use Hempura CBD Products? Read our CBD Guide

Get our free cannabidiol (CBD) UK Guide sent straight to your inbox! Simply visit the page below and let us know where we should send it. The booklet includes helpful information on CDB products, CBD extraction, is hemp CBD legal, and importantly CBD dosage. Whether you’re new to the world of CBD products or an experienced user, our guide makes for an informative read. It is advisable you follow the recommended dosing delivery known as the up-titration method, slowly increasing the dosage every week until you start to feel the benefits. As our products are not medicines and are classed as food supplements, they are completely safe and legal to use no matter the dose. More and more people are discovering the beneficial effects of CBD on the mind and body. You can take CBD any time of day, whatever is most comfortable and best for you. Some users take it at night, some first thing on a morning, it is entirely up to you!

Hempura UK CBD Products are Fully Lab Tested

We take great pride in the formulation of our products. All Hempura CBD products are frequently lab tested to verify purity, potency, consistency and that they are free of THC. Every batch has full traceability from seed to shelf. Made using a clean extraction processes that preserve beneficial hemp plant compounds, Hempura CBD products contain the full array of natural cannabinoids, terpenes, phytocannabinoids and essential oils needed to achieve the ‘entourage effect’. Try our CBD products to reclaim the quality of life you deserve.

Hempura - UK’s #1 Supplier of High Quality Premium CBD

  • Produced from EU registered strains of Cannabis Sativa L. Industrial Hemp plant
  • Produced using clean and gentle extraction methods
  • Not a genetically modified organism (non-GMO)
  • Free of GMOs, pesticides, herbicides or heavy metals
  • Derived and produced from organically & naturally grown outdoor hemp
  • Lab Tested for Guaranteed Quality
  • Suitable for Vegans, Gluten free

Hempura Customer Testimonials

Premier service

The service I have received from them is premium.  The range of products is also great.


Excellent service first class product…

  Excellent service, first class product, quick delivery with good information leaflet


Very Quick Service

Very quick service and extremely helpful accompanying info.


Great product and service

Great product and service. My son is definitely seeing the benefits


Introduction to CBD Hemp/Cannabis Oil in the UK

Many people still see cannabidiol (CBD) as an intoxicant. However, that's a misconception because regardless of the amount ingested, it won't get you high. In fact, today, there are countless testimonials from users that confirm the positive effects of CBD. Medical research is now more than ever focused on the health benefits and effects of medicinal hemp. CBD oil is often the focus of this research because it offers numerous advantages over other cannabis compounds. But what exactly is cannabidiol and why is it such a big deal? How does it work, what is it used for? Is it even legal in the UK? The following guide provides all the information you need to know about cannabidiol and CBD oil.

How can I learn more about CBD?

Get to know CBD oil better before you buy with Hempura's helpful Knowledge Center. This section will help you to optimise your use of cannabidiol. By having a good understanding of CBD and how it works, you will be able to create your own unique supplementation regime that allows you to maximize the benefits of CBD. One key thing most people find out after learning about CBD is that more doesn't mean better. What is more important is the quality of the CBD product is and how you are taking it. Whether your favourite product is CBD chocolate, CBD cream, CBD vape liquid or our popular CBD Hemp Tea, proper knowledge of CBD dietary supplementation will help you to avoid wasting precious product by needlessly taking too much.
Browse through our knowledge center and discover lots of useful information and tips on using Hempura EU CBD oil today. Don't forget to check out our customer reviews and testimonials.
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