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This brand is great

  This brand is great .  After trying other brands Hempura is outstanding


Happy with first order

First order, and totally hassle free. Efficient service and swift shipping.

Dave (Hempura 250mg Full-spectrum CBD Oil (10ml))

Excellent quality and price

I purchased the 250ml vape oil and I thought it would be very light but I was wrong!
Excellent quality and price
Well done Hempura

T.I. (Hempura 250mg Vape Liquid)

A very informative company

 A very informative company

Bruce (Hempura 1000mg Refined Extract CBD Oil)

very quick delivery and packaged really…

Very quick delivery and packaged really well and the oil works well would recommend to anyone

Steve (Hempura 250mg Full-spectrum CBD Oil (10ml))

Hempura 1000mg Refined Extract CBD Oil

  Very informative information which helped selecting the correct product, easy to order and was delivered promptly.  Thank you

Sharon (Hempura 1000mg Refined Extract CBD Oil)


Brilliant customer service, great product, good price and it’s helped me so much … Have recommended to friends and would again over and over.

Louise (Hempura 250mg Full-Spectrum Classic CBD Oil)

Nice clean tasting oil, no bitterness

  Arrived quickly, but nice clean oil, no bitter aftertaste.  I’ve only tried one or two oils before this is definitely the best so far. Would buy from you again.

Sarah (Hempura 500mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

I’ve taken other cbd oils and this blew me away… lol

Hi everyone…I’ve taken other cbd oils and this blew me away…lol I thought I was taking the proper cbd oils before I tried Hempura boy was I wrong!…

Vicky (Hempura 500mg Refined Extract CBD Oil)

Super easy company to deal with…..

Super easy company to deal with in terms of transaction. 2 weeks in and believe the CBD is having a genuinely positive impact…… Would recommend.

Nathan (Hempura 500mg Full-spectrum CBD Oil)

Can really recommend…

  This has really helped me cannot recommend enough!! 🙂

Kim (Hempura 250mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

You must try it for yourself.

Don’t take my word for it. I could tell you anything. All I will say is I tried the Hempura 250 mg Hemp Oil and I will be buying it again. You must try it for yourself. I am sure that you won’t be disappointed!

E.C. (Hempura 250mg Full-Spectrum Classic CBD Oil)

Love the products

 Love the products, I like the packaging and the care they take to ensure everything is okay. The products are effective also. Thank you

Ruth (Hempura 300mg CBD Capsules (30))


  The website is easy to navigate and the ordering process was quick and straightforward. I was notified of the progress of my order at every stage. The delivery was quick. I have used the oil twice now I would definitely recommend and will continue to buy from you.

kathryn (Hempura 250mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

Wide range of CBD products and a very…

  Wide range of CBD products and a very efficient ordering process.

Jeremy (Hempura 300mg Original Hemp CBD Capsules)

I did lots of research into most…

  I did lots of research into most reputable and reliable sellers of cbd oil and Hempura ticked all the boxes and kept coming up in all the independent review sites. I’m a very happy customer!!! Free P&P and quick delivery is excellent. Thank you!

Matthew (Hempura 500mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

Quality across the board

Second time purchase from Hempura, it is working wonders and has become an essential part of my day to day.  I’m genuinely surprised at how well it’s been working for me. Packaging is of a high standard and very informative for first time CBD users, delivery was prompt and I was notified of its progress along the way.

Matt (Hempura 500mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

Easy and pleasant

  I bought the oil found it worked instantaneously, having expected it to take a little time to have an effect. The hemp oil base is an easy and pleasant way of consuming the product.

Nick (Hempura 1000mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

Such a revelation

   It has been a revelation!  Thank you!

Sam (Hempura 1000mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

New Life at 70 !!

“New Life at 70 !! This is my second purchase of cbd oil. Would recommend to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life. I am 70 and can only say that i was getting bogged down with the current system whereby it feels like we are being constantly fed doom and gloom because someone has decided that 70 is the age of our demise. Hempura has definitely improved my life.”

Susan (Hempura 500mg CBD Oil)

Overall great experience

  Quick delivery, great packaging and really good quality product. Overall very happy with first experience and purchase.

Brittany (Hempura 250mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

So far so good!

  So far so good. Purchased the broad spectrum 1000mg. Taste is good, not too strong. Dosing 3 drops AM and 3 drops PM. Only two weeks into the bottle so still finding my ideal dose.  Really useful information leaflet which comes with your order to help you understand CBD and it’s benefits. Will be buying again.

Dan (Hempura Broad-Spectrum Refined CBD Oil 1000mg)

Hempura are one of the top rated providers of CBD

excel in product quality, knowledge base and customer service. Ordering and delivery are quick and efficient and item comes with a wealth of literature. Prices are mid-range and tick all the boxes for quality. As for the product, CBD works for me…  highly recommend.

Clive (Hempura 500mg Full-Spectrum Classic CBD Oil)
(Google Business Review)

Great products and great customer service

  I started using Hempura’s 250mg full spectrum CBD oil a few weeks ago and it’s really helped me. In fact i noticed the difference after just 2 days,  and I’m still only using the lowest dose, gradually increasing. I intend to go up to the higher strength oil soon and I’m positive I’ll see further benefits as I’ve seen the effects it’s had so far in a short space of time. Highly recommend Hempura, great products and great customer service.

Katie (Hempura 500mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

Had a lot of oils but this is among the best

Had a lot of oils but this is among the best. Quick service

William (Hempura 500mg Broad-spectrum CBD Oil (10ml)


  Excellent, best CBD I have had, service 1st class

Margaret (Hempura 500mg Original Extract CBD Oil and Hempura 250mg CBD Vape - Citrus Terpenes)


  Easy, simple online ordering process and a very fast delivery too.

John (Hempura 300mg Original Hemp CBD Capsules)

The best quality CBD products I have tried to date

By far the best quality Cbd products i have tried to date. The full spectrum oil was great quality tastes the real deal and has helped me with an array of issues… Fast shipping and well thought out product information I will definitely use Hempura again

Nathan (Hempura 500mg Full-Spectrum Classic CBD Oil)

Excellent service from Hempura

 Excellent service from Hempura, thank you.

Jay (Hempura 500mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

Prompt delivery with a good first time…

  Prompt delivery with a good first time buyer discount. Nice taste ! Worked a treat, helped me a great deal

Karen (Hempura 500mg Full-spectrum CBD Oil (10ml)

Great service

  Great service, fast delivery… Good product quality.

Jakub (Hempura 300mg CBD Capsules (30)

I cannot praise your company and …

  I cannot praise your company and product enough.I took 6 months reviewing many cbd oils and Hempura gave the clearest information.I was also very impressed that each batch is numbered and traceable back to the Lab. I certainly recommend your product.

Rosalind (Hempura 500mg Broad-spectrum CBD Oil (10ml)

Hello I would just like say a big…

  Hello I would just like say a big thanks to the Hempura team , the oil I ordered arrived quickly and as described and would recommend them to anyone

Michael (Hempura 500mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

New to Hempura CBD Oil

Excellent service and information.  New to CBD I chose Hempura through the informative website.  I look forward to an ongoing relationship with Hempura.

Lesley (Hempura 250mg Full-spectrum CBD Oil (10ml))

Quick and efficient processing of order

  Easy to order – lots of information about the various products and how to use the oil. Service was very prompt and efficient.

Jane (Hempura 1000mg Full-spectrum CBD Oil (10ml)

Swift service and good product

Swift service. Well packaged and presented. So much information available on the site too. So far as the product is concerned i do think it is helping. Early days yet. Time will tell though but i’m feeling positive …

Heather (Hempura 1000mg Full-spectrum CBD Oil (10ml))

Friendly and professional service from…

Friendly and professional service from start to finish,

Sian (Hempura 500mg Full-spectrum CBD Oil (10ml))

Excellent service & product

  Excellent service & product, I could not recommend this company highly enough.


CBD oil arrived quickly and was well…

  CBD oil arrived quickly and was well packaged from Hempura.. I am very pleased with this company for several reasons: the clear information it provides, the easy to navigate and informative website and the quality and choice of products it provides.

Russell (Hempura 1000mg Refined Extract CBD Oil)

Great service

 Great service, great communication, great product – I’ll be using them again

Mike (Hempura 250mg Refined Extract CBD Oil)

Premier service

The service I have received from them is premium. The product is amazing and has helped me beyond belief. The range of products is also great.


Great fast service

  Great fast service and great product

Darren (Hempura 1000mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

Excellent Service

Excellent service, Excellent product, little more expensive than other brands, but free delivery. It’s really helped me … I would definitely recommend Hempura products.

Marion (Hempura 300mg Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules)

My first order from Hempura excellent…

  My first order from Hempura excellent customer service. The CBD oil has helped me considerably.  Will definitely be reordering the oil.

Elizabeth (Hempura 250mg Full-spectrum CBD Oil (10ml)

Easy to order online….all the facts…

  Easy to order online….all the facts are there for you to mull over…great customer service with emails etc…fast secure delivery…happy with product…will re-order with confidence soon !!

Nigel (Hempura 250mg Original Extract CBD Oil)


Fantastic ! Great company to deal with, fast delivery and first class product. Will definitely use again

Melissa (Hempura 300mg CBD Capsules (30))

Highly professional, trustworthy company

I researched thoroughly before I ordered Hempura. Not all CBD oil is equal.! This oil met all my expectations …The delivery service from the time of order is second to none.
Highly professional, trustworthy company and thoroughly recommend. 5 stars.


Excellent customer service.

My first purchase of CBD oil was from a High Street health food outlet which had an incredibly bitter taste and I felt didn’t really work.  I then purchased Hempura full spectrum drops after extensive research into the many companies selling CBD oil. The Hempura team answered all my questions patiently and informatively which not all the other companies do. The product has full traceability which I liked, and it works  Neither do the drops taste particularly unpleasant. An excellent product which I will buy again.

Sue (Hempura 1000mg Full-spectrum CBD Oil (10ml)

Good Quality Product

Good quality product, efficient delivery. I have found the advice given that comes with the product very helpful. Personally bought the Full spectrum capsules and …  has made a world of difference… Will keep using – and am reassured by the reports and information which Hempura make available.


Quality Full Spectrum Hemp Oil In The UK At Last

Quality full spectrum Hemp Oil. The CBD Vape has a lovely taste. Overall this is a reputable and transparent company offering high quality products.

Aidan (Hempura 1000mg Full-spectrum CBD Oil, Hempura 300mg CBD Capsules, Hempura 500mg CBD Vape Liquid)

Easy to order

Easy to order, clear instructions of what I was ordering with helpful guides, quick processing and fast delivery! Happy and will order again.


Really like this so far

Really like this so far, it came quickly and to be honest the price was good in comparison with other brands that I tried and felt no change with.


Feeling Hempura happy!

After a lot of research I decided to try Hempura. Plenty of open and honest info on the product including lab reports for CBD and THC. Comes beautifully packaged (not that this matters much but it’s the little things that make a product better), and I’m so pleased with the results I’m getting!  I would definitely recommend Hempura

John (Hempura 500mg Full-spectrum CBD Oil (10ml)

Informative and straightforward…

  Informative and straightforward website. Excellent processing of my order too.

Paul (Hempura 250mg Broad-spectrum CBD Oil (10ml)


  Hempura have really thrown me a lifeline. After searching online endlessly I found Hempura and I decided to give them a go. Miracle – thank you so much for giving me my life back. Very quick delivery, fantastic customer service. I would recommend to anyone.

Kelly (Hempura 300mg Original Hemp CBD Capsules)

Life changing

Life changing. This oil has really helped me, can’t recommend it enough!

Jill (Hempura 1000mg Full-spectrum CBD Oil (10ml)


  Firstly i would like to recommend this company. Very fast delivery emails to let you know about status of your item highly recommended. Now on the product itself I have been taking it for nearly two weeks.  It is amazing sometimes i think i am imaging it. So it must be doing something. Highly recommended.

Audrey (Hempura 250mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

Good fast service and care, and information.

  As I haven’t taken any CBD oil before, there is nothing to compare it with. The taste is fine, (not over powering at all).  I just missed Hempura before they shut for the weekend. I left messages and emails. Rachael got in touch asap on Monday, took the order by phone and it was sent free of charge next day delivery. 🙂

Hansa (Hempura 500mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

Early signs are very positive

  I purchased this for a friend. Within a week there was an increased feeling of general well being. It’s very early days, but I’m hopeful that with regular use this improvement will continue.

Vicki (Hempura 1000mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

My first purchase from Hempura has been…

  My first purchase from Hempura has been very positive. The oil I bought is good quality. Free delivery was a very nice surprise & it arrived quickly with a very informative booklet which will help if you’re new to cbd products.

Ed (Hempura 500mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

Absolutely Fantastic Products and Service.

Delivery is very quick, ordered on a Sunday evening, arrived by Tuesday AM with standard free delivery! … Thank you Hempura

Simon (Hempura 250mg Full-spectrum Classic CBD Oil)
(Google Business Review)

Really helped me

  Really helped me. After a week’s use I could see the results.

George (Hempura 1000mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

Very quick delivery.

 Very quick delivery. Product is excellent quality.

Kate (Hempura 250mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

Amazing service

Ordered, was delivered quickly and got what I wanted Also the oil really works!

Helen (Hempura 500mg Full-spectrum CBD Oil (10ml))

Excellent service great product

  Excellent service great product.

Zahid (Hempura 250mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

Love it!

Parcel arrived well packaged with a beautiful presentation box, containing the oil with a useful guide. The oil has a green tinge, looks and smells pure. I have been taking it for over a week – 2 drops under the tongue at bedtime and it’s made such a difference …  I would definitely recommend it to anyone to try it just once!

Mariam (Hempura 1000mg CBD Oil)

Fast and efficient delivery

Fast and efficient delivery, which was free so thumbs up for that…. Started off with 250 mg oil… I cant categorically confirm that it has been having a signifiant effect on me but i have been feeling better within myself … im going to continue using hempura products for​ the time being as the i have no complaints with hempura’s service…

Matt (Hempura 100mg CBD Vape Liquid (10ml))

Brilliant Product, Happy Customer!

   Have purchased several times and found this really beneficial.  I purchase the strongest oil as it works the best for me, have tried alternative (cheaper) brands but they just don’t cut it. You get what you pay for with Hempura and the odd promotional email (with discount codes) helps me stock up and see what new products you have.

Kirsty (Hempura 250mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

Great product

  Great product, felt the positive impact quickly. Quick delivery!

Sandy (Hempura 250mg Refined Extract CBD Oil)

Cbd oil

 I tried quite a few cbd oils but Hempura are by far the best. Definitely recommend

Ishfarq (Hempura 250mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

Highly recommended

  I chose this company because of their excellent reputation. Quality product and fast delivery. Would definitely recommend and use again.

Helen (Hempura 250mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

I would strongly recommend the product and company to anyone and I wont be leaving anytime soon

I never normally leave reviews but I felt I had to here. For the last 6 months I have been using [another company] but decided to try a different product as I felt the customer service was non existent … I feel with Hempura they really care for the customer, and the booklet you get with any product for people to CBD explaining how cbd works and how to use it etc, really shows they care.. P.s I’ve been using the 5% oil for the last couple of weeks and its very good.

Shane (Hempura 500mg Full-Spectrum Original CBD Oil)

A great product that arrived quickly…

  A great product that arrived quickly I will definitely be using Hempura again.

Glenn (Hempura 250mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

This is my first CBD experience

 This is my first CBD experience I was very happy to find all the info on Hempura’s site! I don’t find the oil unpleasant to take, it just tastes like hemp oil and I’m confident of the purity and quality of the product.

Kate (Hempura 500mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

Found this CBD by researching on line

  Found this CBD by researching on line, viewed the Hempura website to get more information about the company and products, great level of information and got a firm understanding of CBD. I placed an order and arrived within a few days, smartly packaged along with an info brochure. The product didn’t taste as strong as other products I had tried. Great product, would recommend.

Adam (Hempura 250mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

Very good product

I just have 4 drops at anytime and it helps me. Very happy will buy again.

Paulo (Hempura 250mg Full-spectrum CBD Oil (10ml)

Very pleased with the product

Very pleased with the product, really has made a difference to me.  The ordering and delivery service is quick and easy. Will be ordering again.

Rachel (Hempura 250mg Full-spectrum CBD Oil (10ml)

Speedy delivery and I felt great whilst…

  Speedy delivery and I felt great whilst taking it.  Also not as harsh tasting as other brands.

Mark (Hempura 500mg Full-spectrum CBD Oil (10ml)

Very clear information so you can make…just starting out

  Very clear information so you can make the right choice of products for your order.  So far so good. Would definitely recommend.

Natalie (Hempura 300mg CBD Capsules (30)

Easy to order

  I have been using Hempura products for more than 6 months. Easy to order and always arrives quickly

Penny (Hempura 500mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

prompt delivery and customer service…

Prompt delivery and customer service answered my queries quickly and professionally.

Jyotika (Hempura 250mg Full-spectrum CBD Oil (10ml)

Beneficial Product

  Excellently quick delivery.Product has benefited me.

Brilliant customer service

 Brilliant customer service, will be re ordering for sure

Michael (Hempura 500mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

Tried a couple of different companies products but this one comes out on top

Bought this product (500mg) for my partner, she has tried a couple of different companies products but this one comes out on top.


Have been taking this for a few weeks…

  Have been taking this for a few weeks now and certainly found it has helped me.  An excellent product and service.

Liz (Hempura 250mg Broad-spectrum CBD Oil (10ml)

I’ve been using the Full Spectrum Oil…

  I’ve been using the Full Spectrum Oil 1000mg strength oil for almost ten days.  I started on 5mg dose twice a day, but have now increased this to 25mg (10mg in the morning and 15mg at night) I feel so much better.  I am so pleased with the hempura product.

Jennie (Hempura 1000mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

All good

 Website works well, delivery was on time and the product was helpful.

Mate (Hempura 250mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

Happy customer here

Excellent products and customer service! The oil and capsules are both effective! Will keep ordering from you!

Yoshie (Hempura 300mg CBD Capsules (30))

From ordering to delivery the service was 5 stars

  From ordering to delivery, the service was 5 star. Very happy with the product, which actually tasted OK, unlike others I’ve tried. Will be ordering again.


Donna (Hempura 500mg Full-spectrum CBD Oil (10ml)

I will definitely be reordering

As a first-time user of CBD oil, I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, I am very pleased with the outcome as this product has proven beneficial in a number of ways. The ordering and delivery process was quick and easy. I will definitely be reordering and would recommend this product and company to others


As a first time user I did quite a bit…

  As a first time user I did quite a bit of research in to which oil, strength and company to use. I chose well. Quality product.

Maureen (Hempura 500mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

Great tackle

  Fantastic company! Branding is on top form and the products themselves are super well thought out an produced to what I can see as extremely high standard!  Couldn’t be happier with Hempura!

Oliver (Hempura 500mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

Very Quick Service

  Very quick service and extremely helpful accompanying info.


Hempura oil

  Excellent quality. Have tried other suppliers and been sadly disappointed. Customer service is very good too. No hesitation in recommending hempura!

Keith (Hempura 500mg Full-spectrum CBD Oil (10ml))

Great results!

   Great results after taking Hempura just twice!


Great website

Great website, very clear and easy to order

Gareth (Hempura 250mg Full-spectrum CBD Oil (10ml)

A good company

  A good company, I did some research and they seem pretty good, the website was very informative and the delivery and tracking process was very good. The quality of the product is nice and tastes good. It is early days yet but I do hope this product will help.

Kate (Hempura 200mg CBD Chocolates)

Very Impressed

  Delivery was quick. Great email communication keeping you informed. I was a bit apprehensive but can honestly say that the CBD oil started to make a difference after just 1 week.  It is an acquired taste but you do get used to it. I will most certainly be ordering this product from Hempura again and have recommended them and their products to several friends.

Louise (Hempura 500mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

Pleased so far

  I chose this product after I read a review for the top cbd oils in the UK. It’s the first time I have taken it and its early to speak for results.  Arrived on time in good packaging and information leaflet. Very pleased.

Maria (Hempura 250mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

Quick delivery

  Quick delivery , great aftercare. I definitely trust this company for CBD, and will be re ordering from here going forward.

Jason (Hempura 250mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

Oil better than capsules…Good product and works for me.

I tried the capsules which were ok but now have been on the oil for over 3 months.  The oil is better than the capsules and its taste is not that bad and its easy to administrate, overall I like the product and will continue to buy the oil.

Neil (Hempura 250mg Full-spectrum CBD Oil (10ml)

Brilliant shopping experience.

Hempura were incredibly helpful when it came to choosing what product to opt for, replying to my email within minutes explaining everything in detail so that I could order with confidence. Would absolutely recommend and will be using again!

Anyez (Hempura 1000mg CBD Oil)

First time buyer / user

First time buyer/user. Website is easy to understand use, delivery was quick. No negatives hence 5 stars.

Lesley (Hempura 300mg CBD Capsules (30)

Fabulous stuff

  Fabulous stuff.  Will be ordering again

John (Hempura 500mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

The best leaves the high street versions in the shade.

 Having tried high street health food versions and had some good success … i thought i would go one step further and get something better. And WOW !!! i did a lot of research and ordered 500mg oil from Hempura. FANTASTIC. You can really feel the difference within a few minutes. it is just ten times better than the high street version. I will not be using any other from now on. Miraculous. Totally recommend.

Noel (Hempura 500mg Full-Spectrum Original CBD Oil)

The oil is superb and the people at hempura are brilliant.

This is the first brand of cbd oil I’ve used but I’m completely satisfied. The oil is superb and the people at hempura are brilliant. They respond to questions quickly and orders are received within a couple of days.

Christine (Hempura 1000mg CBD Oil)

First time ordering and using Hempura…

  First time ordering and using Hempura Oil. Heard the oil might be beneficial to many people so thought I would buy some for my partner.  I’m about to order for the second time. On administration level (ordering, receiving, communication) absolutely spot on – so efficient. I was even told who actually packed my order. Can’t fault them in any way. Thank you.


Started using the 250mg oil about 7…

Started using the 250mg oil about 7 weeks ago it’s amazing. Ordering is quick and simple online and arrives the next day . Great service

Ruth (Hempura 250mg Full-spectrum CBD Oil (10ml))

so far so good

  Speedy delivery and comes with an information leaflet. So far so good

Deborah (Hempura 250mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

Excellent service

Excellent service, very quick and beautifully packaged. Will use again.

Carol (Hempura 250mg Full-spectrum CBD Oil)

My daughter in law had researched lots…

  My daughter in law researched lots of other products and found yours to be the very best, so was more than happy to take them myself, very satisfied with my order, will definitely be ordering again.

Sue (Hempura 300mg CBD Capsules (30)

I was emailed at every stage after…

  I was emailed at every stage after ordering and oil came in time.

Deb (Hempura 250mg Original Extract CBD Oil)

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