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Friendly and professional service from…

Friendly and professional service from start to finish.


Very fast delivery

Very fast delivery with very comprehensive information and professionally packaged. Beginning to try product to determine correct dosage slowly. Very transparent company and can trace batch code etc. Hopefully has desired effects and if so will re order again.


Great Service

It is difficult to say whether the product itself is doing the job at this stage, as I am using quite a low dosage Hempura product in conjunction with another product. However, I have no qualms whatsoever in giving 5 stars for what was excellent service. Quick delivery and well packaged. Will buy from this company again, but next time I’ll try one of the stronger products.


Love it!

Parcel arrived well packaged with a beautiful presentation box, containing the oil with a useful guide.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone to try it just once!


Happy customer here

Excellent products and customer service! 


Good Quality Product

Good quality product, efficient delivery. I have found the advice given that comes with the product very helpful – and am reassured by the reports and information which Hempura make available.


Very pleased with the product

The ordering and delivery service is quick and easy. Will be ordering again.


Easy to order online….all the facts…

Easy to order online….all the facts are there for you to mull over…great customer service with emails etc…fast secure delivery…happy with product…will re-order with confidence soon !!


Quick and efficient processing of order

Easy to order – lots of information about the various products and how to use the oil. Service was very prompt and efficient.


First time user and I am impressed with…

First time user and I am impressed with the quality of this product.


Hempura CBD Oil UK - Full-Spectrum Original Extract

Hempura CBD Oil UK - Broad-Spectrum Refined Extract

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The Hempura ® team strive for perfection and our range is some of the best CBD oil in the UK. With hundreds of reviews, trusted by thousands & recommended by professionals, Hempura CBD oil is safe & legal to buy and consume. Manufactured right here in the UK by experienced and highly trained extractors in state of the art facilities, every measure of CBD oil sold is of absolute quality. ✅

CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of 100+ naturally occurring cannabinoids found in the Cannabis Sativa Hemp plant. When Cannabis Sativa is <0.2% THC (the psychoactive cannabinoid that gets people high), it becomes classed as hemp. A full-plant extract is then taken & the extract is suspended in an oil solution, hence the term CBD oil.

Looking to get started with CBD?

In this small FAQ we will tell you how much CBD to take. To find your unique dose, it is recommended new users employ the very easy method known as the:

Uptitration Method (up-tie-tray-shen). This involves:

  1. New users start with 10mg-15mg CBD per day. We have already marked the dosages provided by each product visibly across the store for your convenience. You will see it say things such as ‘10mg per capsule‘, or ‘5mg per 1 individual drop‘.
  2. From 10-15mg per day, you may then build your dose up gradually on a weekly basis whilst evaluating how you feel. Our bodies only require very small doses to get all the benefits, however, can sometimes take a short time to reach its full effect.

Most users tend to dose anywhere around 10-50mg per day, but whatever dose is comfortable for you is the best advice we can give.

For more details about what the correct dose of CBD is, feel free to read our in-depth article here.

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Wondering how to dose with one of our oils?

To take any of our CBD oil range you use individual raindrops ? under the tongue (sublingual), allowing any drops to absorb for around 90 seconds will suffice. Keeping the extract inside the mouth for as long as possible will maximise absorption.

Our CBD chocolates contain the same extract in measured pieces. These pieces can be melted underneath the tongue as an easy alternative to drops of oil.


The Instructions for taking CBD Oil

  1. Draw up some oil into the glass dropper and then, in a mirror is easier until you are more adept,
  2. Gently squeeze the rubber tip until an individual drop (1 drop) is released out of the pipette underneath the tongue (approximately 0.05ml or so),
  3. Repeat until you reach your required number of drops,
  4. Wait roughly 90seconds
  5. Viola!

You can then easily use the drops to control the dosage.

Do not worry about getting it exact or taking a tiny bit too much as CBD is very safe, even in high amounts.

Any remaining oil can then be moved around the mouth and gums or swallowed – followed by a drink if necessary.

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What about your other CBD products?

Our skin lotion can be applied in small amounts directly as needed. Topically is not a recommended way to ingest CBD into the body, but rather treat the skin itself.

This means you are able to combine the skin cream with other products without the need to worry about taking too much CBD.

For our CBD vape liquids, we typically recommend using inhalations, starting from a few per day and gradually increasing until you feel the benefit before maintaining.

It is harder to dose accurately with a vape, but also difficult to offer accurate CBD vaping dose advice, as nearly every device and user is different in the way they vape.

Vaping CBD has the highest absorption of all methods, so do not worry too much about the dosage, and use inhalations to control treatment instead.

Yes, but CBD oil has a long shelf life of up to 2 years. All of our products have a use-by date and we try to keep batches as fresh as possible. You can read more about CBD oil expiry in our article here: https://www.hempura.co.uk/articles-and-research/does-cbd-oil-expire/

No. All hemp products must contain undetectable levels of THC to be sold legally in the UK and Europe and the quantities are so small there is little difference. THC is the part of the hemp plant that creates the symptoms associated with taking cannabis. Therefore there are none of the associated symptoms you would get if you took cannabis.

If you are struggling with the taste of the CBD oil, whilst adding it to your food might help, the benefit of oil products is that they are taken sublingually (under the tongue). This gives CBD a good bioavailability as it’s absorbed directly into the blood. Ingesting the oil will reduce the bioavailability as it needs to go through the digestive tract and liver first. You could always try our delicious white chocolates instead.

Both types of extract originate from the same special strain of the Cannabis Sativa plant called Industrial Hemp. This is the same plant from which illegal cannabis originates, but, instead, is a strain that does not produce the same unwanted psychoactive effects due to containing very low THC (<0.2%).

Full-Spectrum Original Extract:
Our full-spectrum original extract contains a full-plant spectrum which includes many of the organic compounds found in hemp. This is what gives this extract its potent, earthy taste. As it is left raw, *all* of the cannabinoids and terpenes found in the original hemp are still in there at the original levels. For the refined extracts, inherently any refinement and purification process will slightly *reduce* the overall trace cannabinoid spectrum. This applies to all of the cannabinoids in the extract, but they are still in there at lower trace levels than the original extract. Our broad-spectrum extracts may still, in fact, contain very low THC.

– CBD + other trace cannabinoids (THC: <0.05%)

– Original hemp constituents

– Terpenes

This extract contains all the natural components of hemp straight from the field and is our most potent, Original extract. 

Broad-Spectrum Refined Extract:
Our broad-spectrum extracts have been winterised & filtered after the original extraction. This allows the compounds to be separated and certain ones removed, leaving a highly activated golden oil, containing only concentrated cannabinoids and terpenes. This process inherently removes small amounts of the other trace cannabinoids from the original extract, meaning it is no longer a true full-spectrum, but rather a refined broad-spectrum extract. This extract is lighter tasting, whilst still possessing the high concentrations of CBD, along with other trace cannabinoids and terpenes.

– CBD + other trace cannabinoids (THC: possible trace levels)

– Terpenes

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