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What Is the Correct Dosage of CBD

If you are just starting taking CBD it is recommended to start with a low dose of around 10-15mg, taken in two doses, evenly spaced throughout the day. Once you get more familiar with CBD you can increase the dose slowly, often done every 5-7 days, until such a point you feel that you are getting the adequate benefits. This is called the uptitration method.

Full Spectrum vs. Refined Broad Spectrum – Understanding CBD

Hempura's Refined extracts are manufactured from the same base extract as our Full-Spectrum Original, except the extract has been winterised and further purified after initial extraction. These filtration and refinement techniques allow unnecessary compounds to be removed like the original hemp constituents, leaving a highly activated golden oil containing a refined cannabinoid and terpene extract.

Helpful Guide to CBD from Hempura

Whether you’re new to the world of CBD cannabis supplements, or an experienced user of our CBD products, our guide makes for an informative and fascinating read. With need-to-know information and wonderful facts about such a revolutionary product, it really is a beneficial read for anyone who is looking to reap the benefits of CBD in their everyday lives.

What is the difference between Hemp and Cannabis

The simplest way to define the difference between cannabis and hemp is that hemp is used to denote the non-psychoactive variety of the Cannabis Sativa plant. While cannabis or marijuana is used to denote the psychoactive variety of the same.

What Happens When You Take CBD from Hemp?

CBD doesn't provide a high like recreational cannabis, but instead can sometimes bring about gentle feelings of well-being. New users of CBD may find the first couple of experiences carry a minor effect, but the vast majority of people can use CBD without experiencing any adverse side effects or addictive properties.

PayPal vs UK CBD Hemp Products: What’s Going On?

However, PayPal policies mean that when you buy CBD products in the UK, it is not possible to use PayPal as a platform. PayPal, due to American law, class all CBD cannabidiol products as a narcotic, which means that the platform does not accept the transactions of any hemp-derived products.

CBD Uncovered: Getting to Know the Endocannabinoid System

The body can interact with cannabinoids and create its own, with the presence of these receptors identified in many animals around the world. Due to its widespread presence, it’s thought that it’s possible to be deficient in cannabinoids which could, in turn, affect the endocannabinoid system.

Is CBD Hemp Oil Legal in the UK?

While CBD hemp oil products are the most popular way to enjoy the benefits that CBD has to offer, it is not the only product that contains CBD that can be legally sold. You can buy CBD UK wide in multiple forms. This includes the purchase of CBD chocolates, CBD vape liquid and even hemp CBD capsules. All these products are available for purchase and are 100% legal, just like CBD oil.
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