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Can You Get CBD Oil With THC?

CBD oil that contains THC is known as full spectrum CBD oil. It is the end product of the solvent extraction process when applied to hemp. Nothing is added to, or taken from the oil before it’s sold as full-spectrum oil.

CBD Extraction Methods: Which is Best?

How is CBD extracted? The hemp is put through a high-pressure extraction process using industrial machinery. It is dissolved in a solvent. There are several different solvents used, the most common being carbon dioxide and ethanol (pure alcohol). Both kinds of solvent have their advantages, although ethanol is more widely used.

Buying CBD Oil Online

It’s important to ensure that you are purchasing legitimate and trusted CBD products from a responsible CBD manufacturer and retailer. Here at Hempura, all of the Industrial Hemp we use is sourced from carefully selected regulated and compliant EU farms. It is always organically grown and is herbicide, pesticide, fungicide & GMO-free, with no harmful contaminants.

Can CBD Oil Turn Into THC?

Can CBD oil turn into THC? It can, but only in very select circumstances. It doesn’t change into THC on its own, e.g. by going stale or going bad. There’s no danger of this occurring. CBD also doesn’t turn into THC when ingested (at least not in any more than trace amounts). However, CBD is chemically similar to THC. This means it can be transformed into the illegal compound in a laboratory setting. 

What CBD Stands For… What Is Cannabidiol?

The three letters ‘CBD’ don’t stand for three words. Instead, they’re a contraction of the longer word cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is one of more than a hundred cannabinoids found in all species of cannabis plants, to a greater or lesser extent. It is the active ingredient in CBD oil, and is sold as a food supplement in the UK and worldwide. The contraction CBD is used because it’s easier to remember.

CBD Oil vs Gummies, or CBD Vape Juice – which is better?

CBD is now available in a wide variety of forms, not just CBD. This article walks you through some of the different CBD products available, and how they compare to one another.

Is CBD safe? Your questions answered.

Here at Hempura, we sell trusted CBD products that undergo rigorous testing before sale to ensure they are of the very highest quality and contain <0.01% or undetectable levels of THC and are legal for sale in the UK and much of Europe.

Are Hemp Buds Legal in the UK?

Terpenes are a large class of organic compounds that are produced by plants (not just hemp!). They are incredibly fragrant and are what gives Cannabis it’s aromatic diversity. There are over 30,000 terpenes currently recorded[iii], therefore if you can find any plant that smells pleasant or a herb that tastes spicy, terpenes are likely responsible for these characteristics.

Are CBD Capsules as Effective as Drops?

Ingested oil takes longer to go through the digestive system. This means it takes longer to feel the effects of CBD when swallowed as a capsule. It’s also unclear whether CBD is broken down when in the stomach or gut, which would make it less effective.

Why CBD Under Tongue?

Why should you take CBD oil under the tongue? The mucous membrane and gums absorb the active compounds in the oil quickly, because the layer of tissue is thin. It enters the bloodstream directly through capillaries visible under the thin membrane. CBD absorption under the tongue also prevents the oil breaking down in stomach acid.

What CBD Oil is best for me?

Generally speaking, the purest and highest concentration of CBD oil is the best. If CBD oil has scientifically provable effects, then those effects would be clearer after taking a more concentrated oil. Hempura offers a range of oils at different concentrations of CBD per drop. It's worth noting that we recommend controlling CBD amount rather than bottle strength, though. As dosages get higher, it is easier and better value to opt for the high concentration bottles.

Is CBD Oil Legal in the UK/Europe? (2020 Update)

In the European Union, it is legal to cultivate and supply Industrial Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) plants for hemp fibre if they have a Tetrahydrocannabinol (or ‘THC’ – the psychoactive compound in marijuana) content not exceeding 0.2 % (EU Regulation 1307/2013)
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